Manicure Regular polish $27

Basic manicure includes Nails cut & shaping, cuticle cleaning, lotion, and regular polish. 

Manicure Gel polish $40

Gel manicure: cut  & file shape your nails - clean cuticles - apply gel color - oil cuticles- warm your hands with hot towel- lotion apply and massage you hands .

Gel Polish Change $25

Take off older color on your nails. File & shape. Apply gel polish after.

Take off Gel $10

Take off gel and file nails shape. 

Regular polish change $20
Design on 2 fingers $10
Smile French for Nails $7
Shiny Buffer Nails $7
Paraffin for Hands $10



Manicure Gel Polish $20

Clean hands ,cut file ... apply Gel color on nails, massage with lotion 

Pedicure Regular Polish $25

Clean feet- massage-lotion-regular color on

Manicure Regular Polish $15

Clean - get shape apply regular color

Regular Polish for Hands $10

Only applicable for children under 5 years old with regular color.

Pedicure Gel Polish $30
Combo Pedicure &Manicure for kids with Gel $45
Combo Pedicure & Manicure with Regular Polish $40


Paraffin Wax for feet $10

After done your feet,you want your feet relaxing and more soft, we will apply 

Classic Masks Pedecure $45

*Soak your feet in hot water 

*Cut and shape your toenails 

*Clean cuticles 

*Calus Remove 

*Incubate Clay masks with hot towels

* Apply Regular color on toenails 

*Lotion massages

Serums Collagen Spa Pedecure $75

Milk and honey or aloe, renew your skin with natural sea salt soak, 100% sugar scrub, mug masque, hot towel, callus softener, dip paraffin, extended massage with special massage cream. Hot stone massage.

Design on 2 toes nails $10
Basic Spa Pedicure $37

* Soak your feet in hot water 

*Cut and shape your toenail 

*Clean cuticles

*Sugar scrub 

*Hot towel 

*Apply color your choice

* Lotion massage 

Signature Aroma Spa Pedicure $50
Deluxe Cosmo Spa Pedicure $60
Oxygen Avocado Spa Pedecure $70
Luxurious Jelly Spa Pedicure $70
French for toenails $7


Dip White French $60
Dip Ombre on real nails $55

We do ombré with your chosen colors,on your real foundation 

Dip on real nails $50

You want your nails protect with dip powder,dip help your nails hard Not easy break. We will do dip but natural look for you.

Take off Dip $10

You don't want to use dip again only take off ,file shape ,keep natural nails 

Dip French on natural nails $55
Dip add tip on your nails $55

Your nails short ,you want they longer a little bit,than use dip powder make your nails look natural look not long not too short 

Dip Ombré add Tip on $60

You want add tip on real nails make your nails longer ... then we use dip powder do ombré on your nails make them look great 


Gel X with natural shape $55

Your nails don't want chemical when we do your nails, let's your nails use Gel X look natural not thick

Gel X with Medium - Any Shape $65

You want your nails look beautiful,but you don't have a lot time in the salon, and you don't want your nails thick but last long over 3 weeks, you need wears Gel X ,we sure you like them after done 

Gel X Long with Any shape $75

You'll be happy with Gel X Long after they're done 


Take off Gel X $15

Take off gel x , file your real nails 


Full Set Hybrid Gel on real nails $50

Build your nails with new products, no chemical on your nails,but keep your nails harder and light not heavy.when you come back can refill them the same Acrylic nails 

Full Set Hybrid Gel add Tip with natural shape $55
Full Set Hybrid Gel with Special Shape $60
Full Set Hybrid Gel Long and Special shape $75
Refill Hybrid Gel $45
Cut Down $5

When you refill your nails, you want cut your nails down

Take off Hybrid Gel $15
Change shape $5

When your nails refill,you want change shape for your nails 


Full Set with ombré $70
Full Set with Valentino’s powder color $65
Fix 1 Nail Broken $8
Full set Pink & White $60
Full set Basic with Gel polish $55
Full set Basic with Regular polish $50
Full Set with French cut powder $80
Take off Acrylic $15
Change color on Acrylic nails $30
French on Nails Acrylic $15

After done your nails with full set or Refill,you want to French or art French,any color on them.

Refill acrylic nails with gel $45
Design Nails Art( ask Nails Technician)

Ask the Nails Technician before doing them.

Change shape $5
Cut down $5


Eyebrows $15

We always use products good quality for wax- if you worry do waxing hurt - we have numbing products,so you won't feel any pain.

Upper Lip $10
Sideburns $20
Waxing Forehead $15
Chin $15
Waxing Full Face $40
Underarm $30 +
Full Arms $60
Half Arms $30
Full Back $50
Chest $40 +
Wax Full Legs $60
Wax Half Legs - Upper Half Legs - Lower $35

apply hard wax good quality on your leg -take off hair out

Ears $15